Ksenia Shubenkova, Irina Makarova, Anton Pashkevich, Denis Davletshin
Shubenkova, K., Makarova, I., Pashkevich, A., Davletshin, D., (2017). IMPROVEMENT OF THE ROAD SAFETY BY USING EFFICIENT PREVENTION MEASURES. 12. Međunarodna Konferencija - Bezbednost saobraćaja u lokalnoj zajednici, Tara.
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Abstract: Motorization growth causes such a negative consequence as the reduction of road safety. According to the Haddon matrix, there should be 3 stages to decrease the number as well as the severity of traffic accidents. From our point of view, the most important stage is the phase “before the traffic accident”. One of methods to prevent traffic accidents is to identify potentially dangerous road users, whose behavior may lead to serious consequences. Technical equipment, for example, video cameras, which fix infringements, as well as active control from the side of the services, that ensure road safety, are used to identify violators. In this article the efficiency of measures to prevent traffic accidents is analyzed from the viewpoint of their role in the process to ensure safety and sustainability of the urban city transportation system. Official statistics of the State Inspectorate for Traffic Security is used as initial information. At the end of this research work, ways to improve efficiency of the above mentioned prevention measures and to reduce the severity of the traffic accidents are proposed.

Keywords: road safety, traffic accidents, accidents prevention, statistics of traffic accidents

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