Tina Panian
Panian, T., (2017). European Road Safety Tunes. Teaming-up for a new road safety generation. 12. Međunarodna Konferencija - Bezbednost saobraćaja u lokalnoj zajednici, Tara.
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Abstract: Europe has to cope with over 4.000 fatalities in the age group 15-24. Results of the Austrian road safety project CLOSE-TO show that 90% of young accident drivers are male and registered in vocational education. Road safety experts indicate the same cross connection between young people educated on vocational level, and unsafe driving behavior and a higher accident rate. Following these results, the European project "European Road Safety Tunes" (short: "Safety Tunes") was launched with the aim to initiate new, youth oriented road safety measures by using emotive, creative and peer-oriented elements to teach road safety in vocational schools. Safety Tunes wants to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities of young drivers by raising awareness for a responsible behavior in traffic. Creative workshops are implemented in 8 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia and Spain, with the aim to: • reach 3.500 students through direct involvement in workshops and changing attitudes towards risky behavior of at least 70% of them, • reach 8.000 students indirectly as audience of social-art outputs, • reach 8.000 students through social media (Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud etc.), • decrease fatalities within Safety Tunes regions by 5% within the target group, • transfer the methodology to 5 other European countries. In this project, running from 2015-2017, the students create various outputs like songs, raps, theatre plays, graffiti walls, poster campaigns and further artistic performances dealing with road safety. A project website: www.safetytunes.eu and Facebook pages were implemented as well. Best outputs will be awarded in a final competiton.

Keywords: Road Safety behavior, young drivers

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