Demeter Prislan
Prislan, D., (2017). ROADS WITH INCREASED PASSIVE SAFETY ASPECT. 12. Međunarodna Konferencija - Bezbednost saobraćaja u lokalnoj zajednici, Tara.
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Abstract: After all the efforts to diminish the fatalities and heavy injured victims of the road traffic, we came to the point where we need to find new approaches to keep the trend towards the vision zero. Statistics are not showing satisfying results. Although a lot of promotional campaigns were done to make the participants in the road traffic aware of the correct behavior (no alcohol when on the road, no speeding, respect vulnerable participants, use seat belt, be seen in the dark) and despite all the police enforcement, specially focused on the speed control and alcohol and drug abuse in the traffic, results are not so good as expected. Perhaps time came when we need to dedicate more to the state of the infrastructure. The route of the road, the condition of the pavement, the quality of the driving surface and especially the equipment for the increased passive safety like, passive safe support structures, end terminals, transitions, crash cushions and even barriers are too often neglected elements of the road passive safety. The latter are discussed in this article.

Keywords: Forgiving roads and roadside, Deformable poles, End terminals, Curb, Penetration

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